The Adolescent Adjustment Project (AAP) is a longitudinal NIH-funded research project directed by  Dr. Christine McCauley Ohannessian. The primary goal of the AAP is to uncover factors that protect young people from developing psychological and substance use problems. The project currently includes a diverse sample of over 1,400 adolescents and a subset of their parents. Adolescents completed surveys during each year in high school. In 2014, follow-up data were collected from AAP participants as they entered emerging adulthood.

Funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grant K01-AA015059. Special thanks to Jessica Schulz, Lisa Fong, Kelly Cheeseman, Alyson Cavanaugh, Laura Finan, Juliet Bradley, Sara Ries, Ashley Malooly, Lizzie Lewis, Kyrianna Ruddy, Jaymie Silverman, Lauren Tedeschi, Caitlin Bailey, Kimmy Dutton, Mark Powell, Ashley Iings, Sam Kugler, Kendra Waninger, Alyssa Barone, Lakeisha Smith, Charlotte Strazdus, Ilana Schlesinger, Sarah Miller, and Ariana Goode.